Introducing the CanadiEM MVP Infographic Series


Evidence-based practice is critical for delivering quality emergency care, but with such a broad specialty identifying and recalling high-yield studies can be challenging. This is especially true for new EM learners, who are tasked with becoming evidence-informed while transitioning to practice.

To make this process easier, CJEM recently published a survey-based study aimed at compiling “must know” papers for emergency medicine trainees.

The study, conducted by Bazak et al, created a list of important papers based on the input of experts from specialty EM programs across the country.1 Participants were asked to generate a list of EM papers they considered to be the most influential, then rank the papers based on which they thought were the most important to include. Their final list contained 29 studies, 10 of which were supported by 100% of participants surveyed.

The CanadiEM MVP series will summarize these consensus papers using infographics, each of which will detail a different study’s objectives, methods and results.

The end goal of the series is to create an effective resource for recalling key papers, and to act as a primer for new trainees orienting themselves to EM evidence.


Critical Care


Infectious Disease






Bazak S, Sherbino J, Upadhye S, Chan T. Ascertaining top evidence in emergency medicine: A modified Delphi study. CJEM. 2019;21(2):291-295. [PubMed]