Introducing our Newest Teammate: Sarah Luckett-Gatopoulos, BoringEM Junior Resident Editor

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Dear BoringEM readers,

We’re proud to announce more changes for BoringEM. (I know, such exciting moves for our “boring” little site!)  We’ve been actively reinvigorating our site’s organizational structure to become a multi-author, academic, #FOAMed blog.  We hope by having a larger team it will increase our sustainability and bring more frequent high-quality content to you, our reader.  As such, we have been recruiting new team members.  It is my pleasure to announce now that we are expanding our editorial team once again: Dr. Sarah Luckett-Gatopoulos will be joining us (@SLuckettG) as our new Junior Resident Editor.

“Luckett” (@SLuckettG) has just graduated from Queen’s University where she has served as an editor for their local medical student journal.  She is now a freshly minted Emergency Medicine resident at McMaster University’s Royal College program.

Her interests are in literacy, health advocacy, and near-peer mentorship.  She has previous editorial and writing experience, as she has previously been part of the editorial team for various publications at her medical school (Queen’s university).  As a junior resident, she brings the unique perspective of a doctor in that liminal space between student and doctor. Sarah will be participating in the pre-publication editorial review process and also writing her own material, mainly within the mentorship section.

Please join us in welcoming Luckett to the BoringEM team.

Teresa Chan   MD  FRCPC
Managing Editor, BoringEM

P.S. Stay tuned for Luckett’s first Counterpoint editorial that will debut later today!  Her’s will be one of the many essays in our #DearPreMed featured series.

Teresa Chan

Senior Editor at CanadiEM
Emergency Physician. Medical Educator. #FOAMed Supporter, Producer and Researcher. Chief Strategy Officer of CanadiEM. Associate Professor, Division of Emergency Medicine, Department of Medicine, McMaster University.