I’m drowning in FOAM!

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Over the past year my education has been enhanced by the wonders of Free Open Access Meducation (FOAM).  While I have found the innumerable podcasts and blog posts to be extremely educational, I’ve noticed a problem: I’m drowning in FOAM!

For the most part, it is a good thing. I am learning a ton from the many podcasts and blogs that I follow. This was working out great until I got to the middle of my in-training exam and hit a question about Scarlet Fever.  Shit.  That wasn’t covered in my biased, sexiness-based FOAMed curriculum.  It has something to do with strep…  it’s too bad my iPhone wasn’t with me, because it knows all about it…

On reflection, I noticed that I’m drawn to the sexy. I can’t seem to get enough critical care (EMCrit), ultrasound (UltrasoundPodcast) and ZDogg (ZDoggMD), but my interest in that type of FOAM has led me to neglect less exciting topics.

That moment of realization has brought you this addition to the world of FOAM.  I plan to cover one digestible topic of intense disinterest each week in an effort to learn about the least exciting pathology EM has to offer.  Reading my stuff after Weingart’s will be like reliving that time when your attending pulled you out of the trauma room to see a UTI right before you completed the tube/CVL/art line triple crown.

Like vegetables, it’ll be horrible, but good for you.

Brent Thoma @boringem

Dr. Brent Thoma is a medical educator, blogging geek, and trauma/emergency physician who works at the University of Saskatchewan College of Medicine. He founded BoringEM and is the CEO of CanadiEM.