Identification of Emergency Department Patients for Referral to Rapid-Access Addiction Services

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This month, CanadiEM is featuring an article from the Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine that looks at substance-related ED presentations and the need for direct referral to a rapid-access addiction services. Recent national data shows that substance-related emergency department visits are rapidly increasing.​1​ Despite this finding, previous studies show that many EDs do not have referral protocols for rapid-access addiction services.​2​

A prospective cohort study was conducted by Hann et al. to better characterize substance-related ED presentations and assessed the need for a rapid-access addiction clinic.​3​ Specifically, the study evaluated whether the ED health care team would have referred a patient to an on-site rapid-access addiction clinic, if one were available.

The results are highlighted in our visual abstract. 458 patient encounters were included in the analysis, of which, the majority (64%) were male. Alcohol was the most commonly reported substance of problematic or high-risk use (60%). The ED health care team indicated “Yes” for rapid-access addiction clinic referral from the ED for 66% of enrolled patients, with a mean of 4.3 patients referred per day during the study period (June to August 2018).

Overall, this study highlights the need for a rapid-access addiction clinic, given that four ED patients would have been referred per day, and potentially benefiting an underserved patient population.

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