First Year Diaries E02 – My Philosophy by Dr. David Carr

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On this episode of First Year Diaries, I am joined by Dr. David Carr, an Emergency Medicine Physician working in Toronto, who is a renowned medical education speaker and Toronto Blue Jays team physician. I asked him to impart his wisdom to new staff physicians like myself and share his approaches to a successful career in medicine. Later in the interview, we also discuss workflow strategies for the ED, common mistakes made by new physicians, and tips on how to maintain wellness/avoid burnout.

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  1. Can you please introduce yourself? (name, training, where you work, interests, etc.).
  2. Tell me about your philosophy, and what your career trajectory has been?
  3. How can new physicians get to become an educator like you?
  4. Do you have any tips for new physicians looking to reach their goals, and become a well-respected physician like yourself?
  5. Can you tell us about how you manage department flow efficiently and safely, especially during busy times?
  6. What are some mistakes that you’ve seen new physicians make? (Either clinical or non-clinical).
  7. What can new staff do to keep their wellness intact and avoid burnout? What are some strategies you use?
  8. Do you have any final comments you would like to share?


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Kevin Junghwan Dong

Kevin Dong is an Emergency Medicine physician in Hamilton, Ontario. His interests include medical education, mentorship, and producing video/podcasts. He completed the Digital Scholar Fellowship in 2019 and he is currently the CanadiEM Director of Multimedia.

Andrew Tolmie

Andrew is a PGY-1 at the University of Saskatchewan Emergency Medicine Program. He is also a Graphic Design Lead for the CanadiEM Infographics team. Outside of medicine, Andrew enjoys pour-over coffee, downhill skiing, and mountain biking.