Congratulations to CrackCast on receiving the Herb Parkin Award!

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CanadiEM is happy to announce that our partner podcast, CrackCast has recently been selected as the winner of Royal Columbian Herb Parkin Award. As outlined on the award page (which has yet to be updated to reflect the team’s selection as this year’s recipients), Dr. Herb Parkin was:

“…a pioneer in Emergency Medicine. His efforts were instrumental in building our EMS system in British Columbia. He was also an advocate of seatbelt legislation, which has surely saved thousands of lives. Finally, he was a leader in Medical Education.”

In honor of his memory, the Herb Parkin award is bestowed annually on a project that has improved emergency medicine. The CrackCast team has noted that they are extremely honored to receive the award and hope to use the funding that they receive along with it to improve the podcast through the purchase of new equipment. Please join me in congratulating the team behind this exceptional series of podcasts!

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Brent Thoma
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Brent Thoma
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Brent Thoma