Social Media – Potential in Medicine?

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It was my first ER shift in charge of the Resuscitation area. Needless to say, my adrenaline and nerves were firing like crazy; being responsible for the sickest of the sick that rolls through our doors is a daunting task, especially since we were the local trauma center. The shift was going relatively well, and with only a few hours left I was beginning to breathe a sigh of relief. BBEEEEPPP. There is …

Drummond’s musings.

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We have a fixed “X” amount of money and resources. We want the best care for everyone. And we want it forever. If I presented this basic problem to a class of 5th graders, I can already picture them scratching their heads. “Excuse me sir,” one of them would raise his/her hand and say, “but that doesn’t add up – it’s not possible.”

The biggest unspoken secret.

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Doctors commit errors. It’s not spoken about openly, and every single patient would like to believe that his/her care will be perfect in its execution, every single time. Yet deep down we all know the ugly truth: physicians are human beings, and are guaranteed to make mistakes.