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Spot the Diagnosis! The Case of The Ugly Duchess

In Arts PRN, Medical Concepts by Tetyana Maniuk8 Comments

As part of the Arts PRN series, we will intermittently be featuring pieces of historic art that hint at an underlying medical condition. They say a picture is worth 1000 words… can you Spot the Diagnosis after examining only a painting? Read on to learn not only about the art, but about these fascinating medical conditions. Who knows, maybe they’ll help you make a diagnosis some day (or at least help you out …

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Arts PRN Project

In Arts PRN by Tetyana Maniuk12 Comments

Our vision Arts PRN strives to be a platform that showcases the experiences of healthcare providers through… the Arts! Each showcase cycle will have a call for submissions from anyone involved in the health care field. Submissions will be featured bi-weekly in the CanadiEM Arts PRN section. Educational posts outlining the benefits of art and observational challenges will also be published intermittently. We strive to show the arts in medicine, and the medicine …