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An Open Letter and Invitation for Contributions

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Dear BoringEM supporters: I greatly appreciate the support that this blog has received from the FOAM community since I started writing only a couple years ago. From the return readers, to the comments, to the tweets, to Mike Cadogan (@sandnsurf) setting up my new site, to @emchatter giving it skin, I would never have imagined receiving this much support. I would like to build on this. However, with each post I am becoming more convinced that a solo blog is …

New Year, New Stuff.

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Happy New Year! 2013 has gone by in a flash, filled with many interesting healthcare related stories and discussions. As a quick recap, this blog has published articles on topics ranging from ER wait times (see our most popular post of the year here) and mandatory flu shots for healthcare workers, to opinions on TV shows about nurses and how physicians should dress. While the majority of readers were from Canada, the United …

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Simulation for Dentists: A Case of Syncope

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This week I was asked to run a simulation session for senior dental students that focused on emergencies a dentist might have to run in their office. A simulation for dentists!? I had never worked with dental students before. After some discussion and a brief literature review I found a case that fit the bill.  This post was meant to summarize take-away points for the students that participated that day and was not …