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CJEM Visual Abstract – Just the facts: POCUS assessment for deep vein thrombosis

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In this issue, we collaborated with the CJEM team to present “Just the facts: POCUS assessment for deep vein thrombosis”​1​ in a visual abstract format. Deep vein thrombosis is a diagnosis that can be notoriously difficult to risk stratify and diagnose in a timely manner in the ED. There are multiple contributing factors, including variability of presentation and the availability of timely ultrasound (the mainstay of diagnosis). POCUS for deep vein thrombosis has …

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CCEDRRN Infographic: Patient-reported health outcomes of SARS-CoV-2

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Although some COVID-19 survivors report persistent symptoms months after resolution of the acute infection, we do not know much about their long-term physical and psychological health outcomes. We sought to understand which patient factors are associated with poor patient-reported health outcomes to inform the development and prioritization of health interventions to improve the health of COVID-19 survivors.​1​ We used data from 22 CCEDRRN EDs across 5 provinces between March 2020 to July 2021. …