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Designing a QI project – a Comparison of Quality Improvement and Traditional Research Paradigms

In Education & Quality Improvement, HiQuiPs by Shawn.MondouxLeave a Comment

You are attending your local ED monthly rounds where a journal club is being held discussing a Quality Improvement (QI) published paper. As the rounds progress, your presenter critiques the article and discusses perceived weaknesses including a small sample size, lack of  randomization and blinding, and lists many different possible biases in this project. You reflect back on your previous journal clubs and wonder whether it makes sense to apply a research-style critical …

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Pacemaker Essentials: Complications You Must Know

In Medical Concepts by Lorne Costello1 Comment

Like all good trilogies, this too, must end. After a long hiatus due to budget negotiations, studio restrictions, and transitioning into staff-hood, it is time we discuss some of the complications that you may see from our pesky pacemakers in the emergency department (ED).  Before we begin, please review the prequels if you haven’t already. Check out Part 1, “Pacemaker Essentials: What we need to know in the ED” and Part 2, “Pacemaker …