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The Climate Crisis and Emergency Medicine: Part 1 of 2

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This two-part series will address the bidirectional relationship between EM and climate change. Part 1 will explore heat waves, atmospheric pollution, and natural disasters as illustrative examples of the impact of climate change on the ED. Beyond these examples, climate change also impacts other health issues such as water quality, infectious disease and food security (Figure 1).​1,2​ Part 2 will discuss the reciprocal impacts of emergency medicine practice on climate change, as well …

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Zooming Through Medical School

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We all know that medical school is a journey – but, honestly, during the pandemic it has felt more like a slog. In March of 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic arrived, I was seven months into my medical training. After barely scratching the surface of medical school, I was nervous about what was to come. I have now entered my third year of undergraduate medical education, with the majority of my pre-clerkship being …

The CanadiEM Digital Scholar Fellowship application period is open for 2022-2023!

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We’re now accepting applications for 2022-2023. Fellowships are 6-18 months long with flexible start time and pace. The deadline is April 1, 2022. WHY should you do it? Have you found that digital learning has helped you master knowledge and skill? Have you developed friendships and role models by hanging out on social media? Have you sunk into another realm while listening to a podcast or watching a web video? If so, maybe …

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2021 CanadiEM Year in Review and Editor’s Choice Awards

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Over the past year, healthcare workers in Emergency Departments across the world have continued to show incredible resiliency and grit during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Emergency Department is the safety net of the system, the place where the doors are always open and no patients are refused. During the pandemic, the Emergency Department has taken on an even larger role, and this work should be recognized and appreciated. On this Year in Review, …

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Artificial intelligence in emergency medicine: beyond the hype

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During a busy night shift, you are reading a series of chest X-rays when you overhear a colleague remark, “This will all be replaced by computers soon, anyways”. You think back to a few Tweets on artificial intelligence in medicine and wonder if her comment has merit.   There has been so much hype about the topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in recent years, much of which is optimistic and some of which is …

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2020 CanadiEM Year in Review and Editor’s Choice Awards

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2020 has transformed the idea of remote work across industries. As healthcare providers we are lifelong learners, and our education is a substantial part of our work. This year has reaffirmed the importance of Open Educational Resources, and Free Open Access Medical Education, within our communities. The changing nature of the COVID-19 Pandemic has required a nimble and dynamic response to adapt to novel and rapidly-changing information. As you looked for trustworthy sources …