Patient Satisfaction: Who Really Matters?

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Does patient satisfaction matter? If you’re a healthcare administrator you’re likely to believe so, as demonstrated by patient satisfaction surveys, hospital greeters and increased vigilance on ensuring enhanced patient satisfaction at all levels of healthcare. While well intentioned, the premise behind this sentiment may be misguided. There is an idea that enhanced patient satisfaction correlates to better patient care, however, we’re merely muting more deeply seeded issues. By employing measures to enhance patient …

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Counterpoint: SHPOS…we haven’t heard of it

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This Counterpoint is an open letter from a group of Canadian learners and physicians that was written in response to a recent National Post Article (How a SHPOS is born: What doctors call their very worst patients) which described a phrase  the author suggested is “commonly” used in medicine.  Our work was submitted as a letter to the editor in response to the article but we have not received any correspondence from the National Post. We are publishing this on a …

Sick Notes off Work/School.

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The health care professions have finally begun to revolt. Over the recent years, medical associations have mustered up the courage to publicly denounce the value of having employees and students alike dragging their sick bodies into a doctor’s office (or *gasp*, an Emergency Room!) for the sole purpose of obtaining a sick note. The Ontario Medical Association officially issued their plea early this year, and Doctors Nova Scotia quickly followed suit. And for the first …

Quit Stressing About Ebola, We’ve got Bigger Problems.

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John Arnold, in Jurassic Park likely said it best; “Hold on to your Butts”. This is going to be a long rough winter inside Canadian Hospitals, because Ebola isn’t likely to kill Canadians, but Influenza certainly will. In Medicine we rely heavily upon the media to help disseminate information and policy to the public, but unfortunately I suspect that they are currently doing more harm than good. The current Ebola crisis has taken over …

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The real challenge with the #IceBucketChallenge.

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Social media went a little bit nuts recently. Newsfeeds on multiple platforms were flooded with short video clips of individuals dunking ice-cold water onto themselves (or variations of), all in the name of raising awareness and funding for ALS, under the label of #IceBucketChallenge And like all viral trends, the skeptics and critics weren’t far behind. Check out this opinion article published in the Canadian national magazine Maclean’s, where the author questions the …