Counterpoint: Why Graduate Medical Education will be fine

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Written by: Teresa Chan MD, FRCPC   |   Peer reviewed by: Brent Thoma MD, MA This piece is a Counterpoint piece in response to KevinMD piece:  J. Russell Strader, MD  Why graduate medical education is failing from December 19, 2013.  Read the original post here.   The Impetus for my latest Counterpoint In his piece on the KevinMD blog, Dr. J. Russell Strader implied that because he’s interviewing candidates whom he believes are …

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Tweeting and Medicine: Counterpoint from a new Twitterer

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By Teresa Chan, MD    |    Peer-reviewed by Brent Thoma, MD Dr. Christopher Labos (@drlabos) has confessed his hate for Twitter.  I would like to confess that I have fallen in love with it. Once again I find myself with a contrary opinion – I think tweeting and medicine go hand in hand – and thus, I have published my second Counterpoint (see the first one here). Twitter is the Message The great Canadian Media …