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Tiny Tips: Altered Mental Status

In Medical Concepts, Tiny Tips by Brent Thoma6 Comments

Altered mental status is a frequent presentation with a very broad differential. Having a solid approach helps provide structure to the workup of a difficult group of patients. IS IT MEAT is a common mnemonic for this presentation and the best one that I have come across (thanks to Nadim Lalani from for teaching it to me and George Farjou for the quick comments to improve it). Not only do the letters have fairly intuitive …

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Tiny Tips: The Effects of TCAs

In Medical Concepts, Tiny Tips by Brent ThomaLeave a Comment

This month I’ve been reading a lot of toxicology. While running through the Antidepressant chapter in Rosen’s I realized that I was definitely going to need help remembering the ridiculous number of pharmacological effects of TCAs. Practical? Not so much. A potentially esoteric exam question? Definitely. This is the first BoringEM “Tiny Tip.” While most of my medical posts are quite long, I think there is some merit to occasionally going over something …

Requesting Consultations using Kessler’s 5-Cs

In Medical Concepts, Tiny Tips by Nadim Lalani1 Comment

Bad consults are bad for patients. Consulting colleagues is a critical skill in Emergency Medicine. The success of a good consultation is more than simply getting the consultant to come see the patient. Rather, it’s about getting the best out of your consultant so that ultimately the patient benefits. Poor consultations not only make you look like a dork, they will also have downstream effects on how well your consultations are received for the …