ADJUST-PE: Should we adjust the D-Dimer cut-off for age?

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Pulmonary embolism is a diagnosis that haunts emergency physicians’ nightmares. Its potential deadliness and the variability of its presentation, combined with the potential harms of CTPA’s and overdiagnosis, make assessing it in the low to moderate risk patient devastatingly frustrating. Decades of research have armed us with the PERC Rule, Wells Criteria, Geneva Score, and D-Dimer, but the war is far from over. Some of the latest progress has focused on modifying our use of the …

#EMConf: Sharing EM residency teaching with the world

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Those of you that are on twitter may have noticed a flurry of tweets with the hashtag #EMConf. This initiative (that is best outlined by Nikita Joshi of ALiEM here) has the noble goal of sharing pearls from the academic sessions (variably called “Conference” “Academic half-day” “Didactics” etc depending on the state/country/continent) of EM residency programs with the world. If you’ve been tuning in you may have had the opportunity to catch tweets …

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Diagnostic Statistics for Medical Students

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A few weeks ago I was tweeting about the excellent Statistics in Medicine MOOC offered by Kristin Sainani of Stanford University when Ernesto asked: @BoringEM how do you find this as a resident? Is statistics a gap in your training? #justcurious — Ernesto (@DilettanteMD) July 22, 2013 Well, is it? I was taught statistics in medical school and my residency program incorporated them into its curriculum. However, I feel like I always “got by” rather than really learned statistics. I …