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How to Read Patient Monitors

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It’s your first day as a clerk in the Emergency Department and your staff has asked you to see an 80 year old patient with known COPD presenting with increasing shortness of breath. He reminds you to check the patient monitor when you go in there to look for any abnormalities and to record a new set of vitals on the chart. Patient monitors can be overwhelming early in your training when you’re …

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COVID-19 Self-Management and Self-Isolation Patient Infographics

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A 55 year-old primarily Punjabi-speaking man presents to the Emergency Department (ED) and describes a three day history of fever, cough, with five days of myalgia and general fatigue. He is not in acute distress, his vital signs are within normal limits, and he does not meet testing criteria for COVID-19. You suspect he could have COVID-19, and he is worried about infecting his wife. Your priority is to give him advice he …

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Identification of Emergency Department Patients for Referral to Rapid-Access Addiction Services

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This month, CanadiEM is featuring an article from the Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine that looks at substance-related ED presentations and the need for direct referral to a rapid-access addiction services. Recent national data shows that substance-related emergency department visits are rapidly increasing.​1​ Despite this finding, previous studies show that many EDs do not have referral protocols for rapid-access addiction services.​2​ A prospective cohort study was conducted by Hann et al. to better characterize substance-related …