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CCEDRRN Infographic: Patient-reported health outcomes of SARS-CoV-2

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Although some COVID-19 survivors report persistent symptoms months after resolution of the acute infection, we do not know much about their long-term physical and psychological health outcomes. We sought to understand which patient factors are associated with poor patient-reported health outcomes to inform the development and prioritization of health interventions to improve the health of COVID-19 survivors.​1​ We used data from 22 CCEDRRN EDs across 5 provinces between March 2020 to July 2021. …

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CJEM Visual Abstract: The cost of In- vs Out-patient antibiotic therapy

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In this issue, we collaborated with the CJEM team to create a visual abstract on the article “Outpatient parenteral antibiotic therapy (OPAT) and inpatient treatment strategies for emergency department patients with cellulitis: a cost analysis”.​1​ Skin and soft tissue infections in the ED almost always equals antibiotic prescription. Depending on severity and patient characteristics, the question is whether oral or intravenous (IV) administration is required, and patients receiving IV antibiotics for these infections …

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Managing Agitation in the ED: Part 2 – Restraints, Medical Approach, and Discharge

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This post is part two of a two-part series.  You may review the previous post here. In the last post, we followed Lucas, a 26 year old male who presented to the ED with bizarre behaviour and aggression.  When we left off, he was becoming increasingly agitated and paranoid despite your best efforts in de-escalating the situation.  He is beginning to yell at staff and refuses to cooperate with any questioning.  Approach to …