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Blood and Clots Quizlet 1: Oral Contraceptives and Pulmonary Embolism

In Blood & Clots, Medical Concepts by Eric Tseng3 Comments

Hello Blood & Clots/CanadiEM community! Before we post our blog series on thrombosis and bleeding, we encourage you to test your initial knowledge by going through a few brief case scenarios. These cases were originally posted as part of our needs assessment in Fall 2016, and you can find the answers after each question below. The Introduction to Blood and Clots post can be found here. All the content from the Blood and …

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Introduction to Blood & Clots Series

In Blood & Clots by Eric Tseng2 Comments

Welcome to the Blood & Clots series! This new set of blog posts will focus on some of the most difficult dilemmas we face in medicine today: how to manage patients who are bleeding, clotting, or both. You’ve seen these situations before – you’ve probably described them as something to the effect of: A pickle Catch-22 Rock and a hard place Sitting on a powder keg Between Scylla and Charybdis (if you are …