TipsforNewDocs: The HashTag

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For most physician training programs in North America, July 1st is the universal promotion day that transitions students to residents, juniors to seniors, and seniors to fellows or attendings.  This landmark event inevitably inspires the more experienced clinicians to wax philosophical about their experiences and pass on their pearls of wisdom to the next generation. In the past, these conversations have happened in cafeterias, locker rooms, doctor’s lounges, and classrooms. However, the increasing use of …

Failure to Fail Part 3 – A Prescription for Better Evaluation in the ER

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Introduction: In the last two posts (post 1, post 2) I introduced the fact that there exists a culture of ‘failure to fail’ in medicine. Faculty themselves have a large part to play and, apart from being too lenient, also unwittingly introduce bias during learner evaluations.In this final post I want to share my approach to trainee evaluation. I believe that most clinicians already know how to make judgments about learners – they …

Advice for New Medical Bloggers

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If you follow BoringEM you may have noticed that there has not been as much new content lately. While I plan to continue writing and occasionally hosting content from other Canadian writers, the frequency of my posts on this site will be decreasing to ~1 per month.  After 70,000 hits in less than 9 months, I continue to be astounded by the support that BoringEM has received. More important than the randomness of internet …

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Tech Corner: Podcasts in Emergency Medicine

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I’m Maxim Ben-Yakov (aka @DocMaximum) – PGY4 in the FRCP (EM) program at University of Toronto, and current 1st year Fellow in Pediatric Emergency Medicine at Sick Kids. Often folks ask me: “what’s that awesome lecture or podcast you were talking about?” or “What do you think of this app?”  Well this is the place where we are going to bring it all together. We’ll talk podcasts, apps, blogs, and anything having to do …

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Emotional Intelligence and How It Can Make You a Selfish Altruist

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I am a fan of Twitter. I use it to “keep my finger on the femoral pulse of Emergency medicine“. Thanks to one of my Tweeps [twitter peeps] Dr Sam Ko [Twitter link] I came across this talk on Emotional Intelligence by author Chade-Meng Tan. You can see the talk yourself here. I have recently taken interest in mindfulness [check out additional resources at the end of this post]. I have also been trying …

How Can EM Faculty Be Better Evaluators?

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One of my colleagues  – Dr Van De Kamp –  gave us a talk on how we can improve on our evaluations of learners. [I have taken her talk and added some of my own reflections/literature].Duff et al in 2003 illustrate: “Giving the benefit of the doubt has consequences for future mentors, students and, may ultimately, have professional consequences” This talk was quite topical as a recent publication in the New York Times …