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Making the Most of Chart Reviews

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A few months back Dr Eddy Lang (@EddyLang1) [Co-editor of the Royal College Research Guide] graced us with his kind and friendly personality and dropped some pearls on retrospective chart reviews. Medical Record Review [MRR] Research in General aka Chart Reviews “Chart reviews don’t get  the respect they may deserve” Dr Lang Dr Lang lamented the fact that MRR doesn’t get the street cred it deserves. This is large part because of a historical …

Publish your Research: Insights from Dr. Brian Rowe

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Dr Rowe is pound-for-pound one of the best EM researcher in Canada, especially considering he completed the majority of his research on a shoe-string budget while managing a formidable career. His prolific and high-quality research has resulted in the publication of one book, 28 book chapters, and over 385 peer-reviewed manuscripts. It goes without saying he has a wealth of experience that, he humbly admits, came with many failures along the way. He is …

#TipsForNewDocs | How to give a great Consult

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There is nothing quite as daunting as dialing up a consultant service for the first time. As a clerk, I hated paging anyone because I worried that I would be interrupting them in the midst of something important or would get stumped by their questions. As a resident, I feel more relaxed because I’ve developed a smidge of consult-related finesse and been on the other side of the phone as an off-service junior. …

Physicians as Humans Podcast E01: An Addiction that Almost Killed Me

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On behalf of the Physicians as Humans project, I’m thrilled to present the first episode of the series: An Addiction that Almost Killed Me. If you are unfamiliar with the project, please read this post for more information on the origin of this podcast series. In this first episode I speak with a Canadian medical student about his personal battle with drug addiction during medical school. He candidly describes his experience and the powerful impact it has had on his …

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CaRMS Mentorship Series | Life after CaRMS

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Editor’s note:  Another version of this piece previously appeared on Luckett’s own blog (“This Liminal Space“).  We asked her to revise and add to it so that it might become a permanent part of the BoringEM CaRMS advice section. It was initially published on BoringEM on April 15, 2015 and is republished on the ‘Throwback Thursday’ following the release of the CaRMS results yesterday – TC   I remember submitting my CaRMS rank …

Phone a Friend: the Noteworthy Nurses

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Editor’s Note: This series was created by Gerhard Dashi and this week’s post was co-authored by Anali Maneshi. The series highlights the important work that our interprofessional colleagues do. Keep your eye open for more “Phone a Friend” articles and if you would like to be featured or know a colleague that should be highlighted follow this link to complete the questions on a google form.   Background on the “Phone a Friend” series This is the third interview in …