CaRMS Application Preparation

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Originally posted on May 24, 2013.  Staff Review added on September 16, 2014. It seems like match season only just finished. And yet, as the last of the Saskatchewan snow drifts left us, a new crop of medical student clerks (or, as we call them on the prairies, JURSIs) began preparing to sweat through the annual ritual they had been hearing stories about since their earliest premed days: CaRMS. Of course, with CaRMS …

BoringEM CaRMS Classics

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In the ramp up to CaRMS, BoringEM is committed to bringing you some classic content that we think will be useful.  Periodically over the next few weeks, we will be revising and posting some of the “Classics” from BoringEM around the CaRMS application period. And so I announce to you that for the next few weeks BoringEM will be posting 3 times a week!  Sometime around midweek we will post one of our …

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#TipsforEMexams: Dr. Rob Woods shares his EM Exam Tips

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#TipsforEMexam Series In the last post of this series, I (Dr. Teresa Chan) nominated a few people to blog about their EM exam tips for final year residents sitting their exams this year.  Dr. Nadim Lalani of USask already added his tips in the comments, but I also formally nominated Drs. Rob Woods (#USask) & Heather Murray (#QueensU). I now present you our first respondent: *** Name:  Rob Woods, Survivor of the 2007 RC emergency …

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#TipsforEMexams: Exam Study Tips Series

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As September arrives, my thoughts always turn towards memories of being in school.  The fun, the initial excitement… but then… with memories of school comes memories of exams. Inspired by the “How I work smarter series” this series will outline study tips for EM exams. They may seem a bit targeted towards the Canadian RC emergency medicine exam (because that’s the exam I wrote), but  I’m hoping that most of the tips from …

10 Tips from Nurses to Rock Your EM Clerkship

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There are lots of ways to prepare for clerkship, like finding mentors, reading up, and making learning goals, as outlined in this past post. While those tips will help you maximize your skills building and demonstrate your professional competencies, it’s also important to use clerkship as an opportunity to learn how to work as part of an interdisciplinary team within a complex health care system. There is growing recognition that quality care and …

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Counterpoint: Think Medical School is for you? Be brave.

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This Counterpoint is an open letter that was written in response to a recent Globe & Mail commentary (Think medical school is for you? You’re probably wrong, Globe & Mail, July 16, 2014) which took a pessimistic perspective on the pursuit of medicine as a career. This piece contains the reflections of a resident physician, Sarah Luckett-Gatopoulos (BoringEM Resident Editor), who has just newly graduated from medical school.