#CanFOAMed goes SMACC

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It’s certainly an exciting time for Social Media teachers and learners. The Social Media And Critical Care conference (#smaccUS) is coming to North America, and it’s been generating quite a buzz on our Twitter feeds this past week.

Digging into the conference program, we see quite a few Canadian superstars are helping out in the conference:

  • Pat Crosskerry
  • Sara Gray
  • Andrew Healey
  • Chris Hicks
  • David Juurlink
  • Sarah Luckett-Gatopoulos
  • Ken Milne (a.k.a. The SGEM, BatDoc)
  • Andrew Petrosoniak
  • Eve Purdy
  • Jonathan Sherbino
  • Brent Thoma
  • Stella Yiu
  • Teresa Chan

(NB: Please drop a comment below if you noticed someone is not on this list! I will amend to make it work!)

It is so exciting to see so many Canadians involved in this very international conference.  And I’m sure many of you will be there, but just might not be tied to any particular sessions.  So, in an effort to connect the Canadian contingent, we at BoringEM.org are posting this open survey and join a mailing list for Canucks @ SMACC.

P.S. We’re thinking about a T-shirt… and Eve Purdy is all over it already for a custom T-shirt.  Rupi Sahsi has also identified a good alternative on twitter already, so we have a great set of minds already coalescing on this topic.

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