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CAEP GeMES | Workplace-Based Assessment Design Optimization

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It’s the end of another long Emergency Department shift, and Dr. Wu’s resident approaches him to complete her shift evaluation form. She had a solid shift. Dr. Wu self-admittedly finds every post-shift debrief awkward and gives his usual bland assessment (“You are right on track”) and cursory feedback (“Continue reading around cases”). Later that evening, Dr. Wu thinks about the interaction and feels a bit guilty. He wonders how he might be able …

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CAEP GeMES | Those Who Can, Do and They Teach Too: Faculty Clinical Productivity and Teaching

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Valerie is always irked by the layman’s expression, “Those who can’t do, teach.” In her experience, she has found that the great clinical teachers seem to be more engaged in the academic community and are invested in patient education. Indeed, Valerie finds that any additional time they spend with students or patients is well worth it. On the other hand, her friend Hugo points out that this extra time spent means the teachers aren’t as …