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Welcome to the home of CRACKCast on CanadiEM! A podcast for those who have to satisfy their ADHD studying needs, the CRACK in CRACKCast is for Core Rosen’s and Clinical Knowledge. This is a podcast that truly gets down to the basics by covering each and every chapter of Rosen’s Emergency Medicine – in order. New episodes are published weekly on Mondays and Thursdays. If you would like to follow along, we highly recommend that you add …

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The Boring Guide to ECG’s: Fascicular blocks

In Medical Concepts by Tristan Jones1 Comment

There are few things in ECG interpretation more irritating to a junior learner than fascicular blocks. You might find yourself asking whether the pattern is qR. Or maybe it’s rO. sO? ss? And what are these fascicle things anyway? (Figure 1) In this article, we will briefly explore the physiology of cardiac depolarization, with and without fascicular blocks. Then we get to the important stuff: how to recognize these syndromes on ECG, and how to …