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What to do if your Patient is Poisoned by a Nerve Agent

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While working in your emergency department, you receive news a number of patients have been found at a bus station unconscious. It is suspected that some sort of attack may have occurred. The first patient is brought to your ER, with obviously soiled clothing, vomiting and aggravated. As you make your way towards the bedside, the patient suddenly begins to seize. Overview: This past month, the assassination attempt of a Russian ex-spy and …

Tide Pod Challenge: Managing caustic laundry pod ingestions

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A Case of Laundry Pod Ingestion  You are called to the low-acuity side of your department for a two year old child who was triaged three hours ago. The child was witnessed to eat a laundry pod at home, but was stable on arrival so sent to the back.  Now, the child is wheezing, seems drowsy, and is tachycardic.  When you approach the child, he begins to cry and you note the sound …