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Spot the diagnosis! The case of woman lying in bed.

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This piece by Robert Tennant Cooper, commissioned in 1912, depicts a young woman lying in bed on a balcony. An ominous figure lurks by her bedside with an hourglass. Without the figure, the scene appears almost calm and peaceful with a beautiful landscape beyond the balcony. Observe the piece to come up with a potential diagnosis for the woman lying in bed.  What might the woman lying in bed be suffering from? The …

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Spot the Diagnosis! The case of the sick artist with his physician

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As part of the Arts PRN series, we will intermittently be featuring pieces of historic art that hint at an underlying medical condition. They say a picture is worth 1000 words… can you Spot the Diagnosis after examining only a painting? Read on to learn not only about the art, but about these fascinating medical conditions. Who knows, maybe they’ll help you make a diagnosis some day (or at least help you out on Jeopardy)! …