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CanadiEM Frontline Primer – Clinical Debriefing (“Hot Debrief”)

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Points to Focus upon “Hot Debriefs” are clinical debriefs that occur right after a high acuity situation. As a physician who has been redeployed to the ED there will be a vast amount of knowledge you will have to review and sift through. Running a debrief will allow you to review protocols and bounce ideas off members of the team who are involved in resuscitations on a daily basis. If you are running …

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Debrief while it’s HOT

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A 72 year old male is brought into the resuscitation room with respiratory distress. He has had two days of fever, cough, fatigue and shortness of breath with a known COVID-19 positive case in his household. His past medical history includes well-controlled hypertension and diabetes. His oxygen saturation on 6L nasal prongs is 88% and it is clear he is working hard to breathe. Intubation for oxygenation is apparent and you prepare your …