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CanadiEM Frontline Primer – ED Skills – Handling PPE

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Points to focus upon Provider safety while caring for patients throughout the pandemic starts with donning appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). There will be institutional variation with regards to available or required PPE, but the following section will help you with general principles and precautions, including when to use what PPE, and how to properly don and doff. PPE RECOMMENDATIONS Similar to other respiratory viruses, SARS-CoV-2 is thought to be transmitted via droplet/contact …

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Busting Assumptions about the Suprapatellar Bursa

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As a senior resident, I am continually humbled by the practical questions of junior residents that I cannot answer. While practicing ultrasound-guided knee aspiration last week, a resident asked for clarification about a conversation she had had with an Orthopedic surgeon about the suprapatellar bursa. A patient was seen in the Emergency Department with a red, hot, swollen knee, so the usual “rule-out septic joint” workup was initiated. Whether by difficult landmarking or …