CAEP Consensus Conference | Quantitative Research

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Medical education research is hard. However, many residents and junior staff take a shot at it. It starts out fun – with the implementation of an innovative new way to do something! The momentum continues when the early results come in and you are able to attend a conference like CAEP to present. Everyone is fascinated with what you’ve done and wants to learn about your work. And then you get home, and your mentor turns to you and asks: “How’s the paper going? Have you written this up yet?” You sigh, and think: “If only there was a guide on how to get published in #MedEd…”

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The Reference Letter Toolkit

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With the CaRMS process fast approaching, medical students across the country have started putting together applications. When not battling procrastination on the part of the application that students do have control over (i.e., the personal letter and CV) , many students stress about the other part of the application that they feel they have less control over: the mysterious and all-important reference letter (1,2). As a student in EM, you will work with …