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Taking a Sexual History in the ED

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A complete sexual history is important in the investigation of several emergency department (ED) presentations. This is often challenging for students, as it can feel intimidating and uncomfortable to breach this topic with patients. Also, the setting of the ED is not inherently conducive to conversations like these, given the lack of established patient-staff rapport and perceived lack of privacy and time. As such, an organized approach with attention to the environment and …

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Sirens to Scrubs: Thermal Burns

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You are dispatched to Jack, a 3-year-old with a burn. When you arrive, you’re told by Jack’s frantic mother that she turned her head for a second in the kitchen and Jack pulled a pot of boiling water off the counter, spilling hot water on his left arm and upper chest. Jack is crying in pain. Jack’s mother asks what his treatment will be and whether this will leave a permanent scar. You’re …

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Sirens to Scrubs: Do you think I need stitches?

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You are dispatched to Sam, an 87-year-old who cut the base of his thumb while pitting an avocado approximately 30 minutes ago. The laceration is 3cm long and you can see fatty tissue in the wound. Sam’s wife asks whether you think he will need stitches. You think that he will, but you’ve been wrong in the past, so you’re not sure how to answer her question. [bg_faq_start] About Sirens to Scrubs Sirens …