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Sirens to Scrubs: Subarachnoid Hemorrhage

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You are dispatched lights and sirens for Jennifer, a 52-year-old female complaining of “the worst headache of my life”. She recalls running on a treadmill then feeling like she had been struck in the back of the head by a clap of thunder. She then proceeded to have a witnessed two-minute episode of syncope. On arrival you find Jennifer coming out of the bathroom where she was just vomiting. As you are getting …

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Sirens to Scrubs: Esophageal Foreign Body Obstructions

In Sirens to Scrubs, Working in EM by Michael Kruse2 Comments

You respond lights and sirens to a popular lunch spot near the provincial legislature for a man choking. You find 56-year-old Jeff clutching at his chest, struggling to breathe and looking very panicked. Around him are dozens of other patrons looking equally panicked, uncertain of what to do. After performing a primary survey on Jeff and assisting him to your stretcher, your partner, who had been at the table talking to Jeff’s wife, …