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Emergency medicine autonomy is under siege

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The opposite of a motivated physician is a burnt-out physician. In healthcare, preventing physician burnout and promoting physician wellness is of increasing importance. Healthcare organizations are under tremendous pressure to retain quality physicians and push physicians to perform at the highest level possible.  The key to getting these results is to truly understand what motivates physicians to do their job, and to foster it. I recently watched a YouTube video1 that summarized a Daniel …

Can We Reduce Lawsuits with Better Communication?

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One concern when practicing in the world of Emergency Medicine is fear of litigation. This fear often leads to defensive medicine practices and over-testing of our patients.1 One of the main reasons patients seek legal recourse, however, is mis-communication, and not under-testing.2–4 In primary care research, better interpersonal communication and increased time spent with patients are shown to decrease litigation risk.5 Well that’s easy, you say. Let’s spend more time with our patients, explaining our …