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Journal Club by CanadiEM – E04 Approach to Systematic Reviews and Meta Analyses

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Welcome back to Journal Club by CanadiEM! In this episode we go over an approach to systematic reviews and meta analyses based on Oxford centre of EBM, and learn about diagnosing pneumothorax with ultrasound vs X-ray Using the Oxford centre of EBM tool, we will ask:1. What question(s) did the systematic review address?2. Is it likely that important, relevant studies were missed?3. Were the criteria used to select articles for inclusion appropriate?4. Were …

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Behind the scenes – Answering the call to action through “COVID-19 Made Simple”

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Zoom conversation between friends a few weeks into the COVID-19 pandemic: “Man, I barely check the news nowadays. There’s just so much going on, I cannot keep up! I have trouble keeping up with different media channels, news sources and my Twitter feed. Everyone is talking about COVID-19. I just want to know if we have a treatment or a vaccine already. You know yesterday, my mom showed me a video she received …