Boring Questions: Do you even dip?

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Urine is boring so we are doing a follow up post to Brent’s first ever post on BoringEM “Urinalysis Voodoo”. Less voodoo, more evidence. The case: Jane, a 23-year-old, sexually active female presents to the emergency department with a two day history of dysuria and urinary frequency. She has not experienced vomiting, fevers or changes in vaginal discharge. Her abdominal review of systems is negative. Her LMP was one week ago and she …

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Boring Question: Steroids for Tinea?

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The Case An otherwise healthy 30-year-old woman presents to the emergency department with a pruritic rash on her upper thigh that she has had for nine days. Thinking it was poison ivy, she had been using topical corticosteroids on the area. When the rash didn’t improve, she decided to seek care. She is otherwise well; she reports no fevers, joint pain, or tick exposure. On exam she has two lesions each about 2 …