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Spot the Diagnosis! The Case of the Red Leg

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This week’s Spot the Diagnosis! looks at Miracle of Aurelia degli Angeli. Painted on canvas by Giovanni Battista Crespi in 1600, this piece pays homage to the life and miracles of Saint Aurelia degli Angeli. This woman looks to the Saint for aid, while doctors examine her red leg. While you’re giving it some thought, please consider taking 5 minutes to give us feedback on the “Spot the Diagnosis!” series. From newcomers to …

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Spot the Diagnosis! The case of the Man with the Red Hat

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As part of the Arts PRN series, we will intermittently be featuring pieces of historic art that hint at an underlying medical condition. They say a picture is worth 1000 words… can you Spot the Diagnosis after examining only a painting? Read on to learn not only about the art, but about these fascinating medical conditions. Who knows, maybe they’ll help you make a diagnosis some day (or at least help you out on Jeopardy)! …