Adult Epiglottitis: Not just a hot potato

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It was an early morning shift at Janus General when I picked up the chart of a 36-year-old female with a two-week history of sore throat. I walked into the room and see a healthy looking 36 year old woman. Her vitals were stable, but she was febrile. She was reclining on a stretcher, breathing normally and did not appear to be in respiratory distress. She presented with a two-week history of sore throat with intermittent fever, no cough, no …

TipsforNewDocs: The HashTag

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For most physician training programs in North America, July 1st is the universal promotion day that transitions students to residents, juniors to seniors, and seniors to fellows or attendings.  This landmark event inevitably inspires the more experienced clinicians to wax philosophical about their experiences and pass on their pearls of wisdom to the next generation. In the past, these conversations have happened in cafeterias, locker rooms, doctor’s lounges, and classrooms. However, the increasing use of …

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An Open Letter and Invitation for Contributions

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Dear BoringEM supporters: I greatly appreciate the support that this blog has received from the FOAM community since I started writing only a couple years ago. From the return readers, to the comments, to the tweets, to Mike Cadogan (@sandnsurf) setting up my new site, to @emchatter giving it skin, I would never have imagined receiving this much support. I would like to build on this. However, with each post I am becoming more convinced that a solo blog is …