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CAEP GeMES | Selection of an Appropriate Tool for Direct Observation of Trainees by Supervisors

In Great Evidence in Medical education Summary (GEMeS) by Alexandra Stefan2 Comments

Catherine is a 3rd year medical student who is finishing the last shift of her core emergency medicine rotation.  She is interested in matching to neurology. During the shift, she asks her staff, Dr. Stewart, if he would be willing to observe her while she performs a neurological exam and provide feedback on her performance.  Dr. Stewart agrees, but is unsure of what aspects of the assessment he should focus on during the …

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CAEP GEMeS | Does a good learner bias your impression of others?

In Great Evidence in Medical education Summary (GEMeS) by Alexandra Stefan1 Comment

by Alexandra Stefan Dr. Singh looked up from his charting and saw two learners holding their daily evaluation cards expectantly. One was an senior medical student visiting on elective. Dr. Singh thought that she had performed very well and worked independently. The other learner was a junior clerk who had just started his rotations. Dr. Singh found working with this learner to be quite difficult, since it seemed like he had to stop …