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HiQuiPs: Preparation Part 1 – General Considerations for ED Quality Improvement Projects

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You are in the middle of a busy night shift and you see a 73-year-old female with diffuse abdominal pain who is hemodynamically stable. You have a wide differential and order a CT scan to aid in the diagnosis as you begin empiric management. Three hours pass by and the CT has not been performed. This is the third time this week that this has happened.  In light of this, you feel strongly …

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New CanadiEM Series – HiQuiPs

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Quality Improvement Quality of Care and the ED  Preparation Part 1 – General Considerations for a QI Project in the ED  Preparation Part 2 – Stakeholder Engagement and Behaviour Change  Preparation Part 3 – Root Cause Analysis  QI in the ED –  Implementation Part 1. QI Implementation Methodologies  QI in the ED – Implementation Part 2. Which Strategy to Choose: PDSA, Lean, or Six Sigma?  Quality Improvement Projects and Patient Reported Measures The …

The Canadian Enhanced Competency Directory

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Ever wondered how you might carve out a niche within emergency medicine? With well over 50 opportunities for fellowships and enhanced competency programs, you aren’t the only one! The journey to produce this resource began two years ago when the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians (CAEP) Resident Section generated an initial Excel list of “fellowships” that had been pursued based on chief emergency medicine residents across the country. This was posted to CanadiEM …

Finding your niche in emergency medicine: The Canadian Fellowship Guide

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The Royal College of Physicians of Canada emergency medicine Specialty Training Requirements mandate: “…a minimum of six months, usually in PGY-4, be devoted to achieving particular expertise either in a scholarly activity or a clinical area, pertinent to the practice of the specialty of Emergency Medicine.”1 You may have found yourself pondering what it is that you might want to do with your fourth year of residency that could provide you with a …