Arts PRN Gallery Recap: Moments

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We are thrilled to announce the wrap up of our first gallery: Moments. We have included a recap of each submission below, along with a brief accompanying commentary. Click on each image to find out more about the art and author.


Remedy in Motion


The Human Composition

Harmony in Healing





Our most diverse artist for this gallery, Nikki shared with us her personal struggles in health and medicine through paintings, performance art and poems. She inquired us to ponder the “Human Composition” and the process of healing (both physically and mentally). Nikki employed a powerful balance of visuals and word to make both greater than the sum of their parts.

Dr. Carl Abbott


Dr. Carl Abbott wowed us with his patient, detailed depictions of life in the Maritimes; he shared with us 7 wonderful works of art capturing the calm and beautiful landscapes. Dr. Abbott allowed us a look into his life by providing descriptions of the landscapes ranging from historical information to the story of how he came across them. These paintings wonderfully portray the age-old idiom “Pictures are worth a thousand words”.

Supporting Life Maltez

Supporting Life

Melissa portrays how being grounded in the moment can lead to growth. There is much symbolism to her piece; the neutral tones and overall shape of the subject leads us to the thought of nature, however the overall silhouette and the sharp contrast of light blue used along the “trunk” (a colour often associated with bones) also superimposes the anatomy of the spine. When we are grounded in nature and support each other that is when we really flourish.


Tell me what you see

Tetyana used mixed media to portray a powerful message about our perception of others. In “Tell me what you see”, she used the original Rorschach inkblot on top of a neutrally drawn face to question whether we unknowingly place a mask onto others. Do you ever project your feelings and experiences onto others?

Grow Tharshika


Perception Tharshika






Tharshika delicately balances the figurative and literal using surreal depictions of organs to show powerful messages about healing and perception. “Grow” showcases healthcare providers mending a broken heart, with a more figurative tree blossoming to represent growth from struggle. “Perception” is jarring – a painting that reveals just how powerful a single moment can be.

You can view the whole gallery here. For more information about Arts PRN and our other series, click here.

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