Addiction Medicine in the Emergency Department: A Needs Assessment Survey of Emergency Medicine Providers

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In the Emergency Department, we frequently care for patients with substance use disorders. With visits increasing and an opioid crisis, providing high quality care for patients struggling with substance use disorder has never been more important. As Emergency Medicine providers we have a unique opportunity for intervention, as many of our patients are faced with barriers to accessing primary care. Despite the importance of this topic, many Emergency Medicine providers feel they don’t have adequate training or experience in this area.

This problem has led us to create a quality improvement initiative. This project uses a Massive Online Needs Assessment to identify the learning needs of the EM FOAM community on Addiction Medicine topics.  Whether you are a medical student or 30 years into practice, please help us by completing this survey. You’ll be giving us the information we need to help create better targeted educational content for YOU!

As a participant you will need to complete a short survey, and you will be entered into a draw for one of four $100 (Canadian Currency) gift cards! Please complete the survey and share it and the above infographic on your social media accounts!

Click HERE to complete the survey.

This research is being conducted under supervision of Drs. Teresa Chan and Shawn Mondoux.

Ian Jones

Ian is a final year medical student at McMaster University pursuing Emergency Medicine. His interests within the field include care for marginalized patients, addictions medicine, and FOAMed for medical learners.