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CAEP GeMES | Those Who Can, Do and They Teach Too: Faculty Clinical Productivity and Teaching

In Great Evidence in Medical education Summary (GEMeS), National by Warren Cheung2 Comments

Valerie is always irked by the layman’s expression, “Those who can’t do, teach.” In her experience, she has found that the great clinical teachers seem to be more engaged in the academic community and are invested in patient education. Indeed, Valerie finds that any additional time they spend with students or patients is well worth it. On the other hand, her friend Hugo points out that this extra time spent means the teachers aren’t as …

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Tiny Tip: Ranson’s Criteria in Pancreatitis

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Editor’s Note: Last week we ran a tiny tip for the BISAP score which is an emergency department friendly way to evaluate the severity of disease. The more traditional RANSON criteria hasn’t gone completely out of style though. It may be particularly helpful when coordinating admission and prognosticating in those who will become inpatients.  Ranson’s Criteria [1] is a well-validated clinical tool designed for the risk stratification of acute pancreatitis. Based on parameters collected …

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CAEP FEI | Daily Faculty Evaluations

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Dr. Rosenberg prides herself on the effort she places into teaching students on each shift, but she is not sure whether her teaching methods are effective. At the end of the academic year, she reviews her evaluations from students and is disappointed when she finds only a handful of generic evaluations, with the majority of her students not completing the form. She approaches a few of her learners who say the existing preceptor evaluation form is …

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Tiny Tip: BISAP for Pancreatitis

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EDITOR’S NOTE: I often struggle with determining whether the presentation is pancreatitis or whether it’s PANCREATITIS. There are a number of scoring systems to help evaluate this question but one in particular is nicely suited to the Emergency Department. I like Doran’s Tiny Tip that can help you remember some of the key features to consider. – EP The severity and sequelae of acute pancreatitis range wildly, from mild epigastric pain with a benign natural history …

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CAEP Consensus Conference | Review Papers

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The Problem Medical education research is hard. However, many residents and junior staff take a shot at it. Review papers are some of the most valuable and challenging types of papers to write in medical education. It can be overwhelming for a resident or junior faculty to take them on. A Step In the Right Direction Three years ago, CAEP launched their first national Academic Symposia. This resulted in three Consensus Conference documents defining and …