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Physicians as Humans Podcast E02: An Illness Close to Home

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In the second episode of the Physicians as Humans project, I speak with Dr. Rob Rogers (@EM_Educator), a leading educator in emergency medicine and director of The Teaching Course. He shares his experiences of dealing with a devastating illness in his own family and the effect it had on his career as an emergency physician. This is an ongoing project, so if you or anyone you know have a story about managing personal struggles …

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Bleeding and Clotting: A SoMe-based Needs Assessment

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This year Bob Stuntz published a study in Annals of EM1 which showed that, while Free Open Access Medical education (FOAM) content was doing a great job of covering certain ‘sexy’ topics, it has not covered less exciting areas as well. This is not surprising given FOAM’s crowd-sourced nature, but we wonder if there isn’t a better way. This question led us to propose a study to determine whether a social media based …