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CAEP FEI | Daily Faculty Evaluations

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Dr. Rosenberg prides herself on the effort she places into teaching students on each shift, but she is not sure whether her teaching methods are effective. At the end of the academic year, she reviews her evaluations from students and is disappointed when she finds only a handful of generic evaluations, with the majority of her students not completing the form. She approaches a few of her learners who say the existing preceptor evaluation form is …

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Tiny Tip: BISAP for Pancreatitis

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EDITOR’S NOTE: I often struggle with determining whether the presentation is pancreatitis or whether it’s PANCREATITIS. There are a number of scoring systems to help evaluate this question but one in particular is nicely suited to the Emergency Department. I like Doran’s Tiny Tip that can help you remember some of the key features to consider. – EP The severity and sequelae of acute pancreatitis range wildly, from mild epigastric pain with a benign natural history …

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CAEP Consensus Conference | Review Papers

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The Problem Medical education research is hard. However, many residents and junior staff take a shot at it. Review papers are some of the most valuable and challenging types of papers to write in medical education. It can be overwhelming for a resident or junior faculty to take them on. A Step In the Right Direction Three years ago, CAEP launched their first national Academic Symposia. This resulted in three Consensus Conference documents defining and …

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Tragedy of the Commons: A Healthcare Perspective

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The Tragedy of the Commons is by no means a new theory, nor it is an novel discussion point within the healthcare system. It is, however, quite alarming that despite our awareness of the phenomenon, we continue to exploit it with little consideration for the future of healthcare. Tragedy of the Commons The Tragedy of the Commons was first described by Garrett Hardin  as a theory to explain what happens when individuals rationally utilize a …

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CAEP Consensus Conference | Quantitative Research

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Medical education research is hard. However, many residents and junior staff take a shot at it. It starts out fun – with the implementation of an innovative new way to do something! The momentum continues when the early results come in and you are able to attend a conference like CAEP to present. Everyone is fascinated with what you’ve done and wants to learn about your work. And then you get home, and your mentor turns to you and asks: “How’s the paper going? Have you written this up yet?” You sigh, and think: “If only there was a guide on how to get published in #MedEd…”